Bush & Co.


Client portfolios are managed to preserve and enhance the purchasing power of capital over stock market cycles. Our goal is to protect capital during negative markets and to increase capital in real terms and after taxes during favorable markets. Attempting to outperform the markets during periods of overvaluation can lead to excessive investment risks and is contrary to our basic philosophy.

Fairfield, Bush & Co. has provided discretionary wealth management services to high net worth individuals and Institutions since 1973, throughout the U.S.

Using a disciplined, active approach, we manage individual client portfolios to preserve and enhance the purchasing power of capital. 

Fairfield, Bush & Co. offers domestic and international common stock portfolios, along with active fixed income management programs. 

Given our capabilities within both the equity and fixed income markets, clients who prefer to structure their portfolios in a balanced (both stocks and bonds) manner can be easily accommodated.